So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3:24

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Philemon 1:6

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12/10/09 Frederico, 18 Michael, 19
At the IIT student center I began a conversation with Frederico and Michael by asking about the meaning of Christmas. "Spending time with family" said Frederico. "Getting time off of school" according to Michael. They are both from Mexico on a five day trip visiting a friend who is a student at IIT. Both said they don't believe in God or eternal life. They said that back in their town in Mexico the only people who really believe in God are poor people who worship various saints in the Catholic Church, but most of their middle class friends either don't believe in God or go along with the superficial religion of their family. They also both said they don't think it is even possible that God exists, so I spent some time asking how matter and energy came to be in the first place. They couldn't have created themselves, therefore something totally outside our understanding must have created them. Frederico asked if I thought this was a sort of impersonal force. I told them that since at some point a decision was made to create, then this creative being must have a personality if making decisions, choosing one thing over another, and having preferences implies the existence of a personality. I also explained that if God does exist, His existence doesn't depend on our belief in Him in the same way choosing not to believe an oncoming truck won't hurt us won't change what happens to us if we stand in front of it. This seemed to make sense to them and I went on to present their accountability before God on judgment day. They forgot their excuse of not believing in God and tried to trivialize their sin, then tried to claim their good would make up for their guilt. After all this, they were ready to hear how they could possibly have their case dismissed so they wouldn't have to stand in guilt on judgment day. Just as I finished explaining God's gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus, their IIT contact arrived to meet them. I thank God for His perfect timing.


D-Girl said...

Your new excuse thing you wrote is so true about the less fear turning into laziness. Wow, convicting, that's my new one too. I know it's not only satan's influence, but on his part, he's always plotting a different angle of stumbling for us, when one way lose's effect. Of course it's not all him, but also like you said it's ourselves. Thanks for posting that.

D-Girl said...

Hey Jeff, I wanted to ask if you and your wife ever go out witnessing together. I never see the both of you in your witnessing stories. That would be SO cool for you guys as a couple!I know I love it with other believers, I can only imagine what a great bonding experience that would be with a spouse! I pray for that for you guys!

Jeff said...

Witnessing with other people is another step of growth I need to do more often. Anne has never witnessed to strangers before, but she has told me she is willing to go along with me and I need to follow through with that. Thanks for asking!

D-Girl said...

Oh my gosh Jeff, please do.Not only will it be an amazing bonding experience for you guys,but by Anne watching you,it'll probley eventually give her the confidence to witness on her own. Also she'll feel more connected to the people your witnessing to, and probley pray for them through out the week.If I had a hundred bucks, i'd give it to you so you'd do it!:)