So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3:24

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Philemon 1:6

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1/09/10 Guillermo, about 35
Tonight I was blessed to have my son Sammy, 16, come with me to the grocery store to observe me in a witnessing conversation. I spoke to Guillermo who typically believes his personal goodness will save him but soon changed his mind when exposed to the Ten Commandments. He listened with interest to my explanation of how our trust in Jesus satisfies God's demands for justice However Guilermos' teenage daughter, who hovered impatiently while we talked, reminded him that people were waiting for them and they had to leave.
Today I received an e-mail asking how I begin conversations so I'll tell word for word how this one started. (I added more ideas on starting a conversation in the Q & A section - just scroll way down) While grocery shopping, I saw Guillermo shopping with his daughter: "Excuse me, did you get one of these? Its an Obama million" Guillermo took it hesitantly, then smiled. I told him "Its a fun collector's item, but it also has a great message on the back. See here? It asks if you will go to heaven Then it gives the good person test. Are you a good person? He answered "Oh, yes I am. I work hard and provide for my family, and I try to help people whenever I can..."


D-Girl said...

That's cool your son was with you witnessing! Did your son say anything afterwards on how he felt going witnessing with you?

And yeah,that was one my biggest things in witnessing, was that open line. In some sitations, i'm still awkward on how to open a conversation and how far to go with it.

I used to want to shadow people witnessing all the time, like you are with people now.I still love to shadow,it helps so much and I love to listen to other people witness.

When my friend and I witness together, if shes talking, im praying or visa versa. Its great. I suppose that's what Jesus' disciples did. They shadowed Him and learned by His example. Very cool your doing that.

Your opening line, "do you have any spiritual beliefs" is the one I use all the time now. But I have a hard time witnessing to people that are on the go and busy. Like waitresses, people shopping, people just working in general.

What are some mindsets you have about that? I also find myself cutting conversations off too soon sometimes,thinking that i'm precieving that they want to go, but they don't.

Do you wait until they say they have to go,or do you try to discern if they do?

sorry about the comment,slash, novel.

Jeff said...

My son said that he couldn't see himself witnessing now because "Who is going to listen to a kid?" I acknowledged it would be very difficult but said that if he really does want to share his faith with others then his job now is to prepare and train for the time when he will. I think all Christians need training - Jesus said "follow me and I will make you fishers of men" - it didn't happen overnight, even under the master teacher. The problem is too many Christians rule it out before even trying so they never train for it - and then wonder why it seems so hard.

As for wondering if you cut off a conversation too soon - I think if you ask people enough questions and find out more about them and their beliefs to begin with you will know what they are thinking and won't have to be guessing what they are thinking. Asking questions is so easy and people usually love to talk about themselves. If its a real, two-way conversation you will know when its time to stop. 8)

D-Girl said...

Aww, man. I listen to kids all the time! Everyone has a story to share, and things to testify about, on how the Lord is working in their life at the moment.

I took my co-worker with me to witness one time, and I told her that the leader of the group would pair us off, and she dosent have to talk at all, but to just pray. Well he paired her with him.

When we all got back together afterwards to share, she told me that he turned to her at one point in the witnessing conversation and said, Tonya, can you tell this young lady your testimony? How did you come to Christ?

It caught her off guard because she didnt know he was gonna do that,nor did I. But she shared. And the girl started to cry and really related to Tonyas story and Tonya ended up being a huge encouragement to the girl.The girl even hugged her afterwards and thanked her for sharing. And she was more open to the gospel because of Tonyas testimony. She told me she was so scared, but she was so glad she shared! Cool huh.

But yeah I agree, witnessing in a teaching/taking the lead in the conversation form, it does take time.I used to watch witnessing videos everyday for weeks!! My friend would say to me when we were witnessing together,wow, you know so much, I would say to her, do you realize how much I study? Everyday!!!

I'd also like to say that a teenager prayed for me this morning at small group. And I remember thinking, I bet teenagers prayers are powerful, because they are still so trusting and have childlike faith, and I felt so happy that it was her that prayed for me!
Yeah, great advice Jeff. Sometimes I can talk too much. Well, kinda like what i'm doing right now:)
Thanks Jeff your advice and insights are always right on and so, so apprieciated! When I go on your blog, I search to see if you posted any more great insights that you always have. I apprieciate your humility in your sharing!