So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3:24

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Philemon 1:6

FRONT PAGE - here you will find the last 20 postings about recent conversations. Please pray for these people!
11/16/09 Miguel, 20
Lately I've been realizing God has given me the boldness I need to witness, but I cover it up with my own fears and insecurity. Somehow this is very different from thinking I don't have God-given courage and therefore need to wait for Him to give it to me. I already have what I need! Today I walked into a crowded Burger King and asked Miguel, sitting at a table, if I could do an informal interview. "What about?" "Well, your spiritual beliefs, like do you believe there is a God?" The conversation was underway within 30 seconds of walking in the door. Miguel grew up a faithful Catholic in order to please his parents, but now says he believes in God but not the church. He says he will just "wait and see" what happens after he dies, but believes God just wants him to enjoy life while he has it. If there is judgment, he thinks he is more good than bad. He has stolen things "but that's in the past". I pointed out that if he stole something 10 minutes ago it would still be in the past and with God "one day is as 1,000 years" - time is of no consequence. He agreed that he is a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, and a murderer and adulterer at heart but said he would still be judged to be a good person "because I'm improving. I'm breaking God's laws less and less as I get older." I told him that if he lived a perfect life from here on in he would still be a lawbreaker. Miguel started to see my point - he had seen a glimpse of himself in the mirror of God's law - but unfortunately he had to get to work. He heard the law; may he read about grace in the literature I gave him.

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