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Question / Answer: "Is this the best method?"

Question / Answer:  "Is this the best method?"

Greetings Jeff,

It's been awhile since we last communicated. The family are well. I'll send you an update in another email.
I've been thinking about witnessing and the way to approach it. I think the Way of the Master is effective, but there was something else Jesus did. He met people where they were at. He saw their greatest need and filled it.

Examples include:

The Woman at the Well
Blind Bartimaeus
The Man at Bethesda
The Woman Caught in Adultery
Nicodemus and the Thief on the Cross

Now some may say that knowing the needs of people was easier for Jesus because he was God, but we have the Holy Spirit to guide us in this area.  It's something I am still trying to grasp. Tapping in to the power of God and not relying on my own effort and listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance as I meet and talk with people.

Let me know your thoughts... Jonathan

My Answer:         

Great to hear from you Jonathan!
I appreciate your thoughts about evangelism. I think it's healthy for a Christian to continually struggle with the issue of how to go about sharing our faith, as long as that struggle isn't keeping you from moving forward and acting on what you already know. The way I deal with the issue of meeting people where they are at is, as I think you know, I have my witnessing backpack filled with an assortment of materials. I usually make a point of asking good questions and listening a lot to the people I talk to, especially at the beginning of our conversation, and depending on where they are at in their beliefs I speak to their issues and leave them with something to read that gives further help. I also give them my contact info and occasionally invite people to church, but I do think that after I have initially reached out to someone, it is up to them to reach back somehow. Trouble is, they rarely do, which keeps me wondering and questioning my methods. I think the Way of the Master ministry people would do the same thing, but witnessing conversations can be a long process and for the sake of time their witnessing videos are much more direct and to the point, with extra related conversation probably being edited out. I don't know for sure. We all have different gifts and talents, and together we are the Church, the Body of Christ! I praise God for you brother! I look forward to hearing more from you all! Jeff

PS - I appreciate your question so much, I am going to post it in my blog! (In the tips and advice section)

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