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A Thought about Evangelism and Discipleship..

A Thought about Evangelism and Discipleship... 12/16/09
Jesus said to "Go into all the world and make disciples..."(Matthew 28) He didn't say to just make "converts" only but to make "disciples" which implies that evangelism must be followed up with discipleship. However it seems to me that we American Christians have got it all backwards. We expect the world to come to us, either to our entertainment oriented churches or we wait until people ask us personally about our faith, ("They should know I'm a Christian, after all, I do have a Christian bumper sticker on my car!") but then we often chase after them to hound them about their response and growth in the faith. Instead, we are to go into the world, taking the initiative in sharing the gospel, allowing people to respond as the Lord leads and according to His timing, and helping those with genuine repentance and faith into a nurturing church body. They will be looking for ways to grow in God, while those who responded only superficially (prayed a prayer, signed a decision card, raised their hand, came forward to an altar, grew up in a Christian home, etc.) will continue to ignore or run from truth and from the people and things of God.

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