So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3:24

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Philemon 1:6

FRONT PAGE - here you will find the last 20 postings about recent conversations. Please pray for these people!
3/10/10 Adam early 20's
On my lunch break I called up Tony, a church "fishing buddy". "Feel like going fishing when I get off work?" Tony knew what I meant - that we would be "fishers of men" like Jesus said so he said "of course!" and a few hours later we were walking around the park on one of the first warm and sunny afternoons in a long time. We got in a few spiritual conversations with people but the one that got our attention was Adam who was out walking his dog. He grew up Lutheran, but said he no longer attends church because he is so busy with his job and college classes, and what is really important is taking care of his 15-month old daughter. Adam said that if he were judged today he would not do well because of the way he's been living his life. What really seemed to resonate with him was when I told him that one day his daughter will be a teenager, and will look at him as a hypocrite when he tells her to be involved in church and follow God when he isn't doing so himself. "The most important thing in the world is your own soul, and the Bible says your soul will live forever, either in heaven or in hell. Now is the day to get things right with God, tomorrow isn't promised" To me it seemed like Adam was ready to leave our conversation any minute (though he never did), but Tony later told me I had his attention and he was really listening. Both Tony today and Marty yesterday encouraged me that I was doing well even though I had a lot of doubts about myself. Maybe this is why Jesus sent out his disciples by two's.

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