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1/29/10 Tom, 39
While out jogging I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts, not for a donut but for a conversation. I asked Tom, who looked vaguely familiar, if he had a few minutes to answer some questions. As it turned out I had talked to him about half a year ago. I'd like to say it changed his life, but he really couldn't remember what I talked about. I did, however, leave a positive impression and he really brightened up when he figured out where he knew me from. Tom believes in God, but that's about the extent of it. He works hard, about 60 hours a week, at minimum wage. He lives alone and is trying to keep up with the bills. As I tried to explain law and grace I realized Tom has a hard time with comprehension and short term memory. I stressed not only his need for a right relationship with God, but his need for God's church. Outside of a dramatic miracle improving Tom's intellectual abilities, it seems to me his best hope for understanding the things of God is regular involvement with a church fellowship. I don't often "push" church on people, wanting to emphasize their need for salvation in Christ, but lately I'm realizing that just as it would be wrong not to tell people about salvation in Christ, it would also be wrong not tell them about the joy of being part of Christian fellowship. If I believe in my local church, why wouldn't I want to invite people to it? Again this must be done with discretion to keep people from thinking I am just trying to recruit church members, but I can definitely give follow up info about my church, and follow up a friendly invitation with some intentional prayer.

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