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5/10/10 Frank, about 30
A stocky and serious looking young man walked quickly down the sidewalk, and when I asked if I could get his opinion on a few things he agreed but just kept right on walking, so I walked with him. When I asked about his spiritual beliefs he said "I pick and choose the things I like from all the different religions". "How do you know what to pick?" I asked. Frank answered "I think it's different for everyone. You just have to choose what is right to you and don't force it on anyone" Questions about eternity and God's judgment revealed that Frank sees himself as a good person who will go to heaven, at first simply because, as he said, "I believe in God". But more questions about what he actually believes in helped Frank to face the truth - that he really believes he will be saved because he is simply a better person than people who are not - despite his claims not to be judgmental. After five blocks trying to keep up with Frank's fast walk he finally became interested and engaged in the conversation enough to stop and sit on a low fence, where we had a good long discussion. He thinks he can't control his anger around his ex-wife and her boyfriend and says his new girlfriend, who is Buddhist, is the most peaceful and spiritual person he's ever met. I could see he has compromised and accommodated his beliefs in God to fit his lifestyle and this new relationship. He began to talk about having faith is Christ and sharing it with his girlfriend, but has one big hurdle to overcome - repentance.

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Really amazing.

It's so interesting to have an insight into Frank's life.